How to detect a water leak?

How to detect a water leak in your house?

Water is an indispensable and vital element for every person, his activity, and his normal existence. The times when water was in short supply are long gone and now absolutely all modern premises have running water and sewerage. The process of laying pipes for water and a civilized connection requires special equipment and the knowledge of specialists.

In everyday life, it sometimes happens that the pipeline leaks, the water goes to waste, and this results in the loss of a monetary resource, problems arise with the restoration of elements damaged by moisture. How to detect a water leak to get rid of it in time and avoid the repairs that it can cause? For a private house, and especially apartment buildings that do not have modern waterproofing, water leakage can lead to flooding. Leak warning signs can be:

  • increase in water consumption;
  • fixing the flow with a water meter at the moment when all the taps in the house are closed;
  • impressive condensate, especially in places where it has never been before;
  • excessive dampness, darkening, and mold under the pipes, in the corners of the bathroom.

As soon as at least one of the signs is present, it may already mean that there is a leak in your home. It is recommended that you try to fix the problem yourself or seek help from specialists. If one water pipe has leaked and the owner can resolve this issue himself, then the matter will take a minimum of time. But at the same time, it is important to determine if there are any other leaks in the house and plumbing to get rid of them all at once.

Even a minimal leak significantly impacts water bills. It is by them that a person can determine whether he has problems. You should raise previous accounts, analyze whether there was a mass flow of water, and, as a result, get an answer about the leak.

Does your home have a hidden leak?

The main causes of water leakage

The plumbing system is divided into internal and external plumbing. The internal pipeline consists of pipes of different sizes and materials, fastening mechanisms, and ends with a supply to the plumbing. If there are no visible leaks, and there is a suspicion of them, then the first step is to check the water meter. There should not be an overrun in it and it should regularly wind the readings. If there was no problem with it, then all pipes should be examined near the place where a leak is suspected or present. One of the reasons for the leakage may be poor-quality soldering of pipes, poorly twisted plumbing fixtures, or worn-out equipment.

The external pipeline is located outside the household, may be on the balance sheet of a utility company, or simply located outside the boundaries of the house, on the site. External piping must be checked for leaks without fail if there are no visible problems inside the room. The main cause of leakage is old pipes. The quality of the water that flows in public pipes is often very questionable. Plaque and dirt accumulate in the pipes, and weak spots or even holes are formed. All this leads to a leak, which may be on the outer section of the pipes. If it is not possible to independently determine what gives a water leak, then a professional plumber will help.

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How do I find a leak?

It happens that the pipe passes in a visible place and a person immediately sees which part and how to replace it to fix the problem. If the leak is invisible, then a special device, a moisture meter, will come to the rescue. It is used in problem areas and displays the percentage of moisture in the measured area. With the help of a moisture meter, absolutely anyone can detect a water leak, since the operating instructions indicate the permissible percentage of moisture. If the indicator is exceeded, then you should think about the problem.

The use of special devices to find a water leak makes it possible not to dismantle buildings and walls in vain. Special equipment finds leaks through concrete and bricks. If a person suspects a leak, but cannot cope with it on his own, then specialists will come to the rescue. Today, calling a professional is a common thing, because, with his help, any leak will be eliminated as soon as possible. With Leak Detection La you can apply to call a water leak specialist. The company provides high-quality plumbing services, gives a guarantee for service, and provides assistance in emergencies.

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Does your home have a hidden leak?


Varieties of water leakage in the house

Everyone is familiar with the fact that leak detection most often occurs in the pipeline. But many plumbing fixtures in the house can lead to leaks with disastrous consequences. All water-powered equipment requires constant maintenance. Plumbing must be carefully monitored so that it does not just deteriorate, but does not lead to a leak. Whether it’s a dishwasher or washing machine, a shower, a bathtub, a toilet tank, or a washbasin – all this is associated with water, and therefore requires constant inspection for leaks.

The first elementary sign of water leakage in plumbing is its obvious breakdown. The second is that the supply pipes with hot or cold water are poorly insulated. Thirdly, the plumbing element has dried out or rusted, which caused a leak.

If the owner noticed any malfunction in the plumbing, then the first thing he needs to do is turn off the water. You can block the supply to the equipment itself so that it is possible to check if it is still leaking somewhere else. If the leak is large, then it is recommended to turn off the water in the entire house and call a specialist (this is especially true for multi-story buildings in which water damage can affect neighbors).

If the leak is inside the wall and is not connected with the technique, then it is characterized by a constant accumulation of water in the lowest place. Water tends to seep everywhere, so it is not necessary to flow in a pipe that is located above a puddle. She could just slowly drain there, forming a large volume of liquid. Signs of a leak in the wall are moisture and condensation, and violation of the coating (swelling, peeling paint, etc.). And visual signs of a leak can be accompanied by a musty smell in the room or the house as a whole.

Help from experts

If small leaks can be fixed by everyone who knows how to hold elementary tools in their hands, then not everyone can get rid of a large leak or a hard-to-reach one. No matter how versatile the owner of the house is, he will need the help of a specialist. Simply calling a plumber may not be enough, as solving the problem may require professional equipment. With a dedicated home water leak service company, even the oldest and most difficult leaks can be repaired with ease. On the company’s website, you can leave a request or contact the administration directly through the contact number.

Within the agreed timeframe, a specialist will come to the call, inspect the problem area, determine the source of the leak and announce to the owner of the household how much it will cost to repair, and replace components and how long this process will take. The owner during the repair must be aware that the water usage may be discontinued or limited. But thanks to the actions of professionals, the owner will quickly get rid of leakage problems, update plumbing equipment and be able to fully use water without fear of flooding neighbors or damaging their property.

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